A few months ago we blogged about the Maryland Public Service Commission’s review of proposed revisions to the Maryland consumer protection regulations. These regulations govern the interplay between retail electricity and natural gas suppliers and potential and current customers. The Commission had set a hearing in June. After the filing of a new set of revised regulations, the Commission postponed the hearing until September 10-11. The “new and improved” revised regulations address, among many other issues, how and when a supplier must notify their customers of price changes, how quickly a customer may switch service between their utility and/or suppliers, and various issues impacting marketing and enrollments.

The District of Columbia Public Service Commission is reviewing its consumer protection regulations, called the Consumer Bill of Rights (CBORs). Recently, the Commission took comments on proposed revisions, and hosted a “technical conference” to discuss the stakeholders’ proposals. Stakeholders have been encouraged to discuss various issues going forward and try to reach consensus. It is anticipated that there will be a stakeholder filing in September, and the Commission at that point can issue another set of revised rules for comment or, if it so chooses, adopt the version currently before it.

Our firm is participating in both the Maryland and DC proceedings, representing the Retail Energy Supply Association.


Brian Greene
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