Data Center Land Use and Energy

GreeneHurlocker is not just your legal counsel; we are strategic partners dedicated to your data center's success in Virginia.

Data Centers, Digital Infrastructure and Energy


Virginia is the data center capital of the world and the demand for new facilities and the digital infrastructure to support them is increasing exponentially with market demand. At GreeneHurlocker we understand the unique dynamics of Virginia’s data center market. Our dedicated team has extensive experience guiding industry clients through the increasingly complex regulatory environment and potential opposition from local communities concerned about potential land use impacts and strains on the power supply.


Expertise in Land Use and Zoning for Data Centers


Our attorneys excel in navigating the land use and zoning landscape, a critical factor for data center projects. We adeptly handle outreach with local communities, project advocacy, obtaining necessary zoning approvals, and litigating to defend our clients’ rights where necessary.

 We strategize with clients to address community concerns proactively to reduce risk and help move your project forward. Our comprehensive approach includes:


  • Offering insights on local regulations and community sentiment to anticipate and mitigate challenges before they arise.
  • Securing special use permits and rezonings tailored to the needs of data centers and digital infrastructure projects.
  • Developing conditions, proffers, and incentives that align with your project’s specific requirements.


Ensuring Your Data Center’s Energy Needs


Data centers demand a reliable and sustainable energy supply to operate effectively. Our firm has extensive energy law experience and specializes in securing agreements that meet these needs.  We also navigate the regulatory requirements surrounding energy procurement and sustainability goals. We work closely with utility companies, regulatory bodies, and alternative energy providers to ensure your data center has the necessary power to thrive. Our services include:


  • Negotiating energy supply contracts that are cost-effective and meet sustainability criteria.
  • Advising on compliance with environmental regulations and leveraging renewable energy sources.
  • Engaging with regulators to advocate for your energy needs and interests.


Why Choose GreeneHurlocker?


GreeneHurlocker is not just your legal counsel; we are strategic partners dedicated to your data center’s success in Virginia. With a deep understanding of both the opportunities and obstacles you face, we are able to serve as lead for your project, coordinating with stakeholders to bring your vision to reality. Our experience spans not only traditional land use and zoning matters but also the specific challenges of securing and sustaining the energy demands of modern data centers.


Whether you are navigating the approval process, facing opposition, or ensuring your energy supply, our team is equipped to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your data center capitalizes on Virginia’s unique market opportunities.


To learn more about our services and discuss your data center needs, please contact Brian Greene or Ann Neil Cosby.