Employment Law

“Our knowledge and understanding of employment law creates opportunities for our clients to manage policies and concerns, and to avoid workplace issues.”

The GreeneHurlocker employment law team is equipped to assist our clients with all types employment issues that they face in daily operations of their businesses.

We understand and advise on employment law and risk management, concentrating on what may happen if employee matters are not managed carefully from the outset. Our clients benefit from our experience in litigating employment matters in state and federal courts in multiple jurisdictions.  We regularly advise clients concerning important employment law-related issues that impact their businesses, including:

  • pre-employment issues, employment agreements, hiring and termination practices,
  • best legal practices for addressing employee complaints and management concerns, and
  • implementing and developing policies that reach our clients’ overall goals in serving their customers and maintaining a positive and productive workplace for employees.


Our team understands that strong human resource policies are of paramount importance in developing effective long-term risk avoidance strategies.  We work behind the scenes to assist our clients in drafting policies to address progressive discipline, drug and alcohol policies, background checks, hiring and termination practices, record collection and retention, protection and use of confidential information, and related issues.  We also create and update employee handbooks, along with crafting non-competition and severance and transition agreements for our clients.  Additionally, we provide audits of employer records to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal statutes.


Our team provides training, education, and consultation to management and HR professionals in the areas of ethics, diversity and inclusion, harassment, retaliation, and discrimination avoidance, and other areas of interest to our clients.


When issues arise, we are there to step in and assist with initial investigation and analysis of employee complaints.  We work with our clients to determine the best strategy for resolution of issues, focusing on avoiding litigation where possible.  If complaints develop into administrative agency complaints or litigation, we have experience representing clients before federal agencies and courts in complaints involving the Americans with Disabilities Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Fair Labor Standards Act, Equal Pay Act, and Family Medical Leave Act.  We have also represented clients before state administrative agencies in Illinois, Maryland, and Virginia.


Please do not hesitate to call us at 804-864-1100 or contact our Virginia employment lawyers with any questions you may have about GreeneHurlocker’s labor and employment law services.