Regulatory Law

“Our regulatory clients expect us to represent them before rule making bodies throughout the mid-Atlantic and at the federal level.”

Many areas of business life are overseen by and subject to rules by regulatory bodies at the federal, state and local level. Our lawyers have decades of experience representing clients before and assisting in rule-making among these bodies.


A specific focus of the firm has been in the energy industry, where retail electrical suppliers and distributors are operating in a dynamic and fast-changing regulatory environment.


Our lawyers have practiced within this environment ever since the monopoly utility markets were opened to additional participation and providers, and the rate structures began to multiply.

Beyond energy, business sectors such as insurance, education, workers’ compensation, alcoholic beverage distribution and sales, automotive manufacturer and dealerships relationships are governed by rules concerned with consumer protection, franchise operations and agreements, dispute and claims resolution and much more. Our lawyers’ skills are purposely tuned for this special area of representation, which operates on a completely different set of procedures than the civil and criminal courts system.


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