OPENgc General Counsel

“When you aren’t quite ready to hire an attorney of your own.”

Small and medium-sized businesses need legal counsel in order to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves every day. Hiring and Firing. Drafting a term sheet. Documenting a loan. Negotiating a lease. Avoiding litigation. Weighing risk. The list goes on.

If you are in business, you’ve probably realized that you need legal guidance more than you might have expected. Unless yours is a fairly large company, though, it’s probably premature to put an attorney on salary just so you can walk down to the end of the hall to ask your questions.


OPENgc is a new approach to providing general business counsel. Your GreeneHurlocker engagement partner and the attorneys on your team are available to your business for a set number of hours each month, for a flat and predictable monthly fee. We design a program that works for you.


We are general business, real estate and regulatory lawyers with a love of providing practical counsel to companies your size. If we don’t already know your business inside and out, we’ll make it our business to learn it.


We become your “lawyer’s office down the hall.” After all, it is great not having to worry about how much that next phone call is going to cost you.


Call Jared Burden or any other GreeneHurlocker partner to learn how OPENgc could work for your company.