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On December 21, 2015, Governor Terry McAuliffe announced that, as a way to continue momentum in Virginia’s solar industry, state agencies will derive eight percent (8%) of their energy from solar sources within the next three (3) years.  Governor McAuliffe’s plan will deploy the development of 110 megawatts of solar energy through agreements with Dominion Virginia Power (“Dominion”) and third party developers, with Dominion building up to seventy-five (75%) of the solar capacity, and third party developers developing twenty-five percent (25%) of the solar capacity.   The Commonwealth of Virginia is expected to purchase the solar-generated electricity through a long-term power purchase agreement with Dominion.  Dominion’s customers, however, are not expected to experience a rate change as a result of the long term agreement, as any costs associated with the solar initiative are to be paid by the Commonwealth.

If you have questions about this initiative or its effects, or on any issue in the solar energy industry, please contact one of our Virginia solar energy lawyers.


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