This week, we’ll be getting ready for our new offices. Yes, we’re moving because we’re nearly busting at the seams, what with new clients and lawyers all around.

We’re occupying a larger and more convenient suite of offices in Libbie Square, an office development in west Richmond in the Willow Lawn corridor, a vibrant and growing area. We will have free parking, convenient access to major highways and other transportation and plenty of great spots to take our clients to lunch.

The address is 1807 Libbie Avenue, Suite 102, Richmond, VA, 23226. (If you forget it, it will be down there on the bottom of our web page.) All other contact details (phones, fax, email) are the same. We’re excited about our growth and the opportunity for more space for meetings and staff. We hope you are, as well, and will come to see us at your earliest opportunity.


David Greene
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