Go Cubs!

6:40 PM CST — I love Wrigley Field. I’ve never actually seen a game here (until now) but it is such a fantastic stadium. I was here 1994 and it rained after batting practice. My three friends and I stayed in the left-field bleachers for two hours in the rain and then the game was called. Harry Caray announced he was singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” for “the 4 guys in left field,” which to this day is one of the highlights of my life. But I digress ….

First pitch is in 20 minutes, and they are taking off the tarp, and it’s a beautiful night for baseball. And I just enjoyed my first Chicago Dog, thank you very much. 

So we (a few dads) are comparing Wrigley versus Fenway.  Some prefer Wrigley. I’m not so sure. Curious what the readers of this blog think. 

I love the picture with Brian Quigley; “Juicy Fruit Gum Is Now Longer Lasting.” Words to live by!


Brian Greene
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