transmission towers for electricityIn October and November, 2015, the Delaware Commission (Commission) and the Division of Public Advocate (DPA) held two workshops for stakeholders to discuss ways to enhance the visibility of and improve participation in customer choice for electricity products and services.  The group also examined what, if any, options might be available to enhance customer choice that the Delaware Commission and stakeholders might not have been considered. The Commission accepted written comments on November 6, 2015.

GreeneHurlocker’s lawyers represented the Retail Energy Supply Association in the meetings and submitted these comments.  RESA identified market-enhancing programs and services such as a purchase of receivables program that would require the utility to purchase the receivables of retail suppliers; implementing “accelerated switching” to allow customers to more quickly take advantage of suppliers’ offers; requiring the utility to allow customers to keep their supplier if the customer moves within the service territory, which is not operationally possible now and can harm customers if they move residences; requiring the utility to allow suppliers to access prospective and current customer account information with customers consent; and revisiting the manner in which the utility currently purchases its power to serve the customers who do not choose a supplier. It will be interesting to see what the Commission and DPA do with the various comments received.     



Brian Greene
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