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Mike Healy, CEO New Columbia Solar

I’m pleased to tell you that Michael J. Healy, CEO of New Columbia Solar, will be our guest on our August 11th edition of our new Zoom broadcast series “Tuesdays 10@10”.


Those who stopped in for our inaugural edition of Tuesdays 10@10 on July 14th know the format — 10 minutes bursts of valuable information elicited by GreeneHurlocker attorneys from leading lights in business, government and other realms, brought to you at 10:00 a.m. EDT on the second Tuesday of each month.


On August 11th, we expect Mike Healy, whose company is in the thick of everything in the District, will give us a brief but insightful look into the renewable energy industry in the Washington, DC area. We may ask him to touch on how COVID has impacted integrated solar developers and constructors like New Columbia Solar.


In future editions of Tuesdays 10@10, look for interviews with other leading experts in energy, business, employment law and commercial real estate, among other areas


Since we are still limited in our ability to visit with clients and colleagues due to the pandemic shutdowns, we have looked for other ways to share interesting views and knowledge in a convenient, fast, and easy to access way. It is important that we use all of the means available to us so that we can continue to foster valuable relationships.

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If you want to know more or hanve questions about solar or renewable energy development in the mid-Atlantic, contact me or any of our energy lawyers.


Eric Hurlocker
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