Day 6 — Earthquakes and Baseball

We had “host time” on Thursday and then reported to the fields by 5 PM for the games.

My initial plan had been to go to Avi’s home and spend the morning with him and his host family. Then we would meet others for an early lunch at a sushi restaurant. That fell through when Avi slept until 11 AM! And the only reason I say 11 AM is because his host mom woke him up. So, I met them at the restaurant. I was happy to let him sleep. He needs it. 

Not to bury the lead, but while waiting for Avi to wake up, I experienced my first Japanese earthquake. I was sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee, reading about”fire & fury,” and generally minding my own business. Then I heard what sounded like a very strong gust of wind outside. I looked out the window but there was no wind or rain. The earth was quaking, my mind was aching, and we were making it and you shook me all night long and … um …. sorry … I got distracted. My bad.

The house swayed back-and-forth a bit and then the earthquake was over. Akiko tells us that Japan experiences two or three earthquakes of that size every month. As Marty Conn said, “I prefer rainbows.”

We met at a cool sushi restaurant for lunch. The food was on conveyor belts. Here are some pictures.

We met at the fields for a late dinner and warm-ups. We played the same two teams we played last Saturday. I kept a running blog so I won’t repeat everything here. Overall, we played very good defense, made more contact than last week, and threw strikes. We ran into trouble At times in each of those areas but I’m looking forward to our games Friday morning.

Here are a few Julie Conn pictures because I know Heather is a loyal blog reader. Gotta take care of my customers.

And, here are some Avi pictures because I like being married to Ruth:

JD Stemhagen had a sweet throw to second to nail a would-be base stealer. Let’s go to the video tape:

Here’s a few pictures of the after game. Check out how many photographers were taking the team photo after game 2. Props to Kurt Stemhagen for giving me the idea for this picture.

 We are off to the field this morning for two more games. I will try to blog during Game 1 but I am coaching game 2 and I am not capable of blogging and coaching simultaneously


Brian Greene
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