Virginia Commission Approves Virginia-American Water Rate Case Settlement

On December 12, 2012, the Virginia State Corporation Commission issued a Final Order approving a Stipulation that allows Virginia-American Water Company to increase its rates by almost $2.3 million, although the increase is significantly less than what the Company had initially requested.

The Company’s service territory includes four different Districts, each with its own revenue requirement.

  • In Hopewell, the Company had requested a 12.5 increase and settled for no increase.
  • In Prince William, the Company sought a roughly $1.8 million increase and settled for about $1.1 million.
  • In Alexandria, the Company sought about $1.7 million and settled for $930,000.
  • In the Eastern District, represented by GreeneHurlocker, the Company sought a 34% increase (approximately $570,000) and settled for an approximate 13.5% increase (about $228,500).  In the Eastern District, the Company settled for 38% of its requested amount.

The settlement includes a 9.75% return on equity, which is lower than the 11.3% ROE that the Company requested and also lower than the Company’s previously-authorized ROE of 10.7%.

The Company, which had been collecting its proposed rates since July 12, 2012 on an interim basis subject to refund, is required to issue refunds, with interest, by March 12, 2013.

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