Customers in 80% of the country’s 50 largest cities would save money if they installed rooftop solar on their homes instead of buying all their electric power from local utilities. That’s from the N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center’s Going Solar in America, a 27-page report by the N.C. State University center.

The study claims the perception that solar is too expensive for most homeowners is just plain wrong. Especially in states with high electricity rates – New York and California come to mind – residential solar power is prospering. Report authors Jim Kennerly and Autumn Proudlove say their data concludes consumers nationwide can benefit from solar even in relatively low-utility-rate states.

Like our clients, we are closely watching the solar power market as it matures and costs of entry and use decline. If you want to discuss this or any solar power law issue, please contact one of our utility rate and solar power lawyers.


Eric Hurlocker
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