Brian Greene Q&A Featured in

Brian Greene Q&A About the Founding and Growth of GreeneHurlocker Featured in


National legal publication recently featured a Q&A discussion with GreeneHurlocker co-founder Brian Greene about the firm’s founding and growth over the last decade.


Some of the issues Brian addressed include:


– The biggest surprises in starting the firm
– Challenges and obstacles Brian and Eric Hurlocker faced along the way
– The greatest influences in Brian’s career
– Advice for others who are considering starting their own firms


When asked what was the deciding point to start the firm, Brian answered: Eric Hurlocker and I had been talking about forming a firm for a few years. I felt confident the partnership would work, because his transactional and dealmaking experience dovetails so well with my regulatory experience and vice versa. We met for a beer in May 2012, and it all came together. A big part of our success from the start has been the common vision and values that we crafted for our firm from day one.


Click here to read the entire discussion.


Brian Greene
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