Transactional lawyers don’t often get to see the fruits of their labors. In the renewable energy world, at least there is a physical project to show for the work at the end, and we like a to see a good solar facility built as much as anyone. But hydroelectric power projects? Now that is a whole other story.


First, they are certainly less common, and second, the feats of engineering are usually pretty impressive.


A project we worked on for a couple of years has finally come online, and it is  a great project with an interesting story. Our client, Appalachian Hydro Associates, on behalf of Berea College, constructed a 2.5 MW hydroelectric power facility on the Kentucky River in Estill County, Kentucky at a formerly abandoned navigational lock. Berea College is the first institution of higher education to construct such a facility and is now able to offset half of its yearly electric requirements.


Berea College itself is an interesting and unusual story as well. It was founded in 1855, was the first integrated and co-educational college in the South, and has been tuition-free to its students since 1892.


We are particularly proud to be associated with this project and the video links below tell the story much better than we can. Please take a look!

Brian Greene
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